Satsang Skill Development Centre

Our Mission

Enabling the disadvantaged youth in the Chittoor District region (Andhra Pradesh) to tap into their innate potential, make them financially independent and responsible citizens.

"When you serve a less fortunate person in any way - material or spiritual, you are not doing him a favor. In fact, he who receives your help does you a favour by accepting what you give thereby helping you to evolve and move closer to the divine blissful being, who in reality is within you and in the hearts of all beings." - Sri M

Sri M- Founder, The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Skill Development Centre (SSDC) Madanapalle, an endeavour of The Satsang Foundation was set up in November 2018, to skill and develop the personalities and minds of young adults (primarily in the age group of 18-25 years) in the Chittoor District (Andhra Pradesh) region with the aim of making the youth employment ready.

Our education system being largely based on rote learning does not skill students adequately to meet industry needs. This produces graduates/undergraduates who are not readily employable and are unprepared to face industry-life challenges. This mismatch between industry needs versus skills availability brings about major challenges in the acquisition and retention of talent.

SSDC attempts to fill this gap by imparting practical training and life skills to youths that equip these young adults with confidence and skills that match industry requirements while proving the youth a path toward fulfilling their aspirations.