Triumph Stories

Here are some heartwarming stories of our alumni who shine like beacons inspiring their peers and future students with their stories of triumph.

Never Say Die

Ganesh personifies the phrase “Never Say Die”. A Batch 1 alumnus of SSDC, Ganesh was a high school dropout when he joined SSDC. Ganesh possessed determination and a dream to make something meaningful out of his life. When he joined SSDC, he was working at a petrol bunk in Madanapalle and lacked communication and IT skills. He saw hope and conviction in SSDC and enrolled himself in the skill development course.

Sadly, his father passed away during the training period which left him as the sole bread earner of a family of three that included his widowed mother & an elder sister. To make ends meet, Ganesh had to take up a couple of odd jobs which led to his irregular attendance in classes & eventually twin failures in cracking interviews.

These setbacks became a boon for Ganesh and he came back stronger, finished his training with deep dedication & tremendous hard work. Learning to communicate in English was not easy but knowing that it was his only door to a better life, Ganesh did it. In his 3rd attempt he bagged a job with Finance Buddha in Bangalore as a Tele-caller with a modest monthly salary. Ganesh continued to pursue his dreams, worked harder and soon became a Team Lead & eventually a floor leader at the company!

Ganesh currently works as an Assistant Team Leader at a Trading Company in Bangalore, with a take home of double of what he started with.

Success is No Accident

Deva Mahesh’s inspiring story is all about the power of our dreams, faith, hard work and perseverance. Hailing from a small village near Madanapalle, Mahesh's family depended on his father’s meagre income of INR 5,000/- per month.

With an aspiration to be employed, Mahesh, a Batch 1 alumnus, arrived at the Satsang Skill Development Center and in him, we found one of our star performers! Mahesh knew right from Day 1 that there are no short cuts to success, but it is sure to come with hard work. He was a student with an exemplary attitude, who was perhaps in need of the right opportunity for enhancing his skills.

After completing his 4-month course at the Satsang Skill Development Center in 2019, Mahesh was placed as a Data Entry Operator at a finance company in Bengaluru with a respectable monthly salary. Within a year he got an offer from an MNC with a significant raise. His zeal for excellence and willingness to learn led him further on and high to land a job at Wipro with an even higher salary.

What makes Mahesh’s story even more inspiring is that he never let a rare heart condition that he suffers from (Dextrocardia --a condition in which the heart is on the right side of the chest), come in the way of his achievements and dreams. This heart condition of his makes him physically very weak. However, his grit & never-say-die attitude are examples as to how one can overcome severe obstacles to lead an independent & respectable life.

Disability: A Matter of Perception

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone. This is very true in the case of Sudakar, a Batch 3 student of SSDC. Sudakar is remembered by all of his batchmates and the trainers at SSDC for his immense leadership qualities, hardwork, patience, kindness and enthusiasm to learn new things. Like his father, he also suffers from a genetic problem and does not have his left limb. Due to this unfortunate birth defect, his father was also unable to find a decent employment and used to work as a daily wage worker. Both his parents used to work as daily wage workers in Gudipalle, a small village in Kuppam.

His parents didn’t want him to face the same fate as them and instead find a better employment unlike them. So, they sent him to Madanapalle on the insistence of a member of The Satsang Foundation to enrol in the skill development course at SSDC. His determination to complete the course was so high that he stayed in one of the hostels at Madanapalle while paying a rent of INR 4,000 per month which was definitely a stretch for him given his family and financial situation.

His efforts turned fruitful when he got selected in Finance Buddha-Bangalore as a Tele-caller in the Accounts department, with a good starting salary. But things did not turn out well as within 3 months of joining he was sent back home along with all the employees due to the pandemic in 2020. But he didn’t give up. He stayed back in Bangalore and joined Flipkart as a Data Entry Operator with a much higher salary. He worked in Flipkart for 4 months and then joined a logistics company at an even higher salary. At present he is continuing to work at the Logistics company as a Team Lead. Team SSDC is very happy to see Sudakar’s accomplishments and we hope to see him grow and rise steadily in life.

When the Will is Ready the Feet are Light

Meet Pujitha, a shining example to her peers and for the world. Pujitha, a B.Com graduate worked as a daily wage worker (shovelling mud into tractors) before she joined SSDC. When she learnt that SSDC is a place where young adults undergo skill development and training and, assisted by SSDC become employable in industrial sectors, she lost no time in enrolling herself into the 2nd batch at SSDC.

Her family consists of her parents who are aged, and an older married sister. Pujitha had tried to find a job but failed to find one as she did not possess some of the basic skills that she subsequently acquired at SSDC. Mature beyond her years, this young girl shouldered the responsibility of earning a livelihood as a daily wage worker, notwithstanding her respectable college degree.

She travelled 48 km every day from her village Talupula (Andhra Pradesh) to Madanapalle and never missed a class for the entire duration of the course. Her determination to find a secure job that she and her family could rely on, paid off when she got placed in Finance Buddha as an Assistant Accountant, with a respectable monthly salary. When all seemed good with a bright future ahead, her dreams of working were put on hold when her parents feared and refused to send her to Bangalore on the day of her joining. It took a great deal of convincing by our centre head Mr. Krishna before they agreed to send her to Bangalore.

She promised her parents that she would not go astray, and that she would focus on her career. True to her words, within 4 months at her new job, she got promoted as Assistant Accountant Team Leader, with a good salary hike and incentives. Pujitha also enrolled herself in a 2-year MBA course from Golden Valley prior to joining Finance Buddha.